Late Night Ponderings

In my head, I destroy things.
I see myself, the anger that flows through my veins, spurting out in an open wound.
I can no longer take it. I take the chair and throw it through the window.
Once it was a mirror, glass on glass crackling, creating designs so fragile I saw my soul within.
I see myself punching people.
I walk up to the ones who have wronged me, the ones I still have not found the energy to forgive.
They preach forgiveness, but how do you forgive the man who killed one of your best friends?
Is it even possible?
I can say I forgive you all I want.
But in the end, I still see myself, a parallel universe me, walking up to him and punching him in the face.
The blood spurts from his nose.
His head jerks back.
I smile, content.
And walk away.


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