And So it Goes.

It took several years, but I finally got around to reading Slaughterhouse-Five.  Whenever I would go to Half-Price books (and remember) I would look at the V section under Kurt Vonnegut.  Never was there a copy of any of the books I wanted until one day… one crazy day where I went in with no thoughts of any books and walked out with an armload… I found not one, not two, but all THREE of the Vonnegut books I was looking to read.

And so it goes.

I spent half of Slaughterhouse-Five reminiscing about my day spent in Dresden in 2010.  It’s been completely rebuilt– a gorgeous city once more.  I tried to take what I had seen of modern day Dresden and use it when they talked of the bombing in the novel.  I wasn’t able to, too much.

And so it goes.

Slaughterhouse-Five is an anti-war novel.  It’s about a time traveling man and his life, especially concerning WWII.  Some of the experiences, if I remember correctly, are based on Vonnegut’s own.  (Wiki confirms).  It’s an interesting read; a bit confusing at times, but it’s sci-fi fiction.

It’s how it goes.


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