And when they make things Superfluous, Ikkalee gets annoyed

Book number three of the Hunger Games Trilogy:  Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins.  And again, it was not my favorite of books.  It wasn’t too bad: there were some good parts.  But other things, especially near the end…  I was livid.  I was annoyed.  I was saying “That was not necessary, Ms. Collins!”  And since it is major spoilers what ticked me off (even though I spoiled myself before I got to the part, I was still angry), I cannot discuss exactly what bugged me, but let’s just say that in my mind, it was unnecessary.  Completely unnecessary.  And just a complete cop-out.

So.  That being said.  I was also annoyed that she was the person who was uniting a nation.  There were so many other great people out there in this novel, so why settle on the main character?  It just…  I’m a cynic.  Let’s start there.  I’m a cynic and not a big fan of lauding people for things they do not deserve.  I guess since she was more of a pawn, it makes sense she was the face of a revolution, but… There were so many worthier and so many better choices out there.

And I hated the epilogue.


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