Dear Ikkalee, Please Stop Forgetting Your Password

Seriously, it’s getting old.

I’m not even quite sure what book I need to update on, but I’m pretty sure it’s Wally Lamb’s She’s Come Undone, which was one of my last minute purchases.  Damn you booksellers who put their books right next to the checkout counter.  I know you do that to make more monies, but I always want to buy them!  I no has monies!

Oh Dolores.  You are insane.  Your story started out good, but… it got long.  And boring.  And I was ready to be done and put it away.  And some of the decisions you made, girl…  I wanted to jump into the book and slap you upside the head.  WHY did you do stupid things?  WHY?!?  I guess I just couldn’t understand.  There was a lot about you that I couldn’t understand.  But at least your male author captured a female voice pretty well.  I was impressed with that.

EDIT: Right after I published this, I realized I had already written about She’s Come Undone. And I had the exact same things to say two weeks ago.  I must have really meant it…


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One response to “Dear Ikkalee, Please Stop Forgetting Your Password

  1. Andrew King

    Was it an audio book? How did you know he does a good impression of a womenz?

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