Everything But the Appendices

Aka: How I fail at reading only one book at a time.

I have basically finished the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I thought it took forever to read; my friend told me I cruised through them. I still have the appendices to read, but I will do that in the upcoming days.

During my reading of the trilogy, I managed to also read 6 books, 3 novellas, and to start 1 more book. You know, if I had just read the trilogy, I think I would have managed to read it a lot faster than a few months. But my mind wanders: if I don’t finish a book in 2-3 days, I feel a compulsion to start a new one as well. And I do. Because I also fail at not giving into temptation.

So. The Return of the King. I love Aragorn. I have since I saw the movies. I just think he is a great character, and really not too pompous for being so amazing. But, after this end to the trilogy, I think my hat’s off to a new favorite character goes to Éowyn. She kicked ass. She was everything I see a powerful woman as being: willing to not just sit back and relax, and taking charge and helping others out instead. And then growing to learn, sometimes you do need to stand down out of the war. I just loved her as a character and I really wish there were more characters like her in modern literature.

Now that I have read the trilogy, is there anything great I have learned? No, not really. But I can definitely see how The Lord of the Rings are held up as the best in Fantasy and why everyone is always comparing to them or trying to match up to them. It’s a good standard to have; I wish we had other higher standards in lit as well.

(Yes, I am a book elitist. So sue me.)

While it was hard to get through the books at times– SO MANY NAMES!– I am glad I finally was able to read them. Great trilogy, they are, even if a bit dense at times. And I like how a big theme is sacrifice and not taking the easy way. And those themes go for more than just giving up your life and going off to battle to save the world. Those who were left behind– some had to sacrifice a want for adventure or taking the easy way and doing what they wanted (*cough* Éowyn *cough*). There are multiple types of sacrifice; I think the trilogy does a good thing in showing the many ways in which it exists.


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