And then I begin to question the potential for homoerotic undertones.

Samwise Gamgee anyone? What about Gollum? Reading the last thirty pages while half asleep gave me plenty of ideas. So I will give a brief discussion of the potential homoeroticism as my preoccupied-and-falling-asleep brain sees it in Tolkien’s The Two Towers. (Yes, I am two-thirds of the way through and part of me wants to read another book right now instead. Like Tolkien, but man, does he have a LOT to say.)

So Sam calls Frodo “Master.” I will skip the undertone potential in this one as it’s quite obvious. But can I say, on a different note, that that really bugged me? Why is Frodo more important than Sam? Why is Sam portrayed as so stupid? Sam has the potential to be an awesome character. Yet, he seems to lack Self-esteem. And he’s mean as Hell to Gollum (not that Gollum doesn’t always deserve it…). I’m just getting a bit annoyed with it. Who woke up and appointed Frodo center of the universe? Oh, that’s right. Gandalf. Can I have more Merry and Pippin now? I am really preferring them over Sam and Frodo, despite the sometimes foolish (albeit due to curiosity) things Pip pulls.

So back to homoeroticism: my half-asleep brain decided, when Gollum disappeared once, and Sam– who is always protecting Frodo– had Frodo lay his head in Sam’s lap, that there may be a relationship there. I wouldn’t put it past Tolkien to have an unsaid romantic inkling for Frodo on Sam’s behalf. And then my theory twisted even more and decided that Gollum also had a slight infatuation with Frodo (on behalf of the ring), and that that was the reason Gollum hates Sam so much. And then my mind asked if I really needed a love triangle in the book, and as I could get no one to respond to my inquiries via texts, I decided to finish the book and go to bed.

And that was the blunt of my thoughts on The Two Towers. Other than I think Ents kick ass, that is. I want to see an Ent!


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