I Vant to Suck Your Blood!

Just a word of warning: Make sure you always know who you are calling. And if there is a chance it is not who you thought it was, say hello instead of opening with “I Vant to Suck Your Blood!” as I did to a friend of a friend. Too many L.M.s in her phone. She told me to call one of them, and I thought I did. Nope, called the wrong one. THAT was an awkward few minutes…

After a long time, I have finished reading Bram Stoker’s Dracula. I ripped on vampires to my adviser late last week– we were discussing writing and I made a comment about something not being yet another vampire novel. And then I realized I was reading Dracula. Oops. Anyways, it is the original popular vampire, the one that has spawned many retellings and adaptations, so it doesn’t count. That and the awesome graveyard described in the book actually exists in Whitby. I need to go there now.

This same adviser commented on how he did not like Van Helsing. At the time, I liked Van Helsing, so I said nothing. As of last night, Van Helsing is not my favorite person. His speeches can definitely be cut down, thus saving the book way too many pages. I think that’s part of the reason it took me so long to read. The intro was good, but all the middle just DRAGGED. The last few pages were tense but those midd pages– if you could cut them, it would be better. Now I wait for tomatoes to be thrown at me. Joy.

I guess I would have liked to also know the story of Dracula from his point of view. Who was he? How and why did he become a vampire? Why did he want to take over the world? Dracula is SUCH a complex character, and I don’t think we ever fully get to delve into who he is. I want to know who he is. I mean, I don’t mind the Harkers, but the others who tell the tale, like Arthur– every time he was called Lord Godalming, my mind read it as something else. And it felt incredibly ironic in this story– or Quincey were a bit sexist at times in relation to Mina. It was due to Mina, after all, that they were able to do what they did. Mina kicked ass. And yet, they could think sexist thoughts against her. I know this novel was written during a time when these thoughts were the norm, but they still bugged me. Many things bug me.

Also, who were the three beautiful women? What are their stories? I can start to understand all the adaptations. There’s too much I still want to know.

Dracula: Interesting novel. Sometimes takes too long to get to the resolution.


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